Soured Rhapsody

Look now how mortals are blaming the gods, for they say that evils come from us, but in fact they themselves have woes beyond their share because of their own follies-Homer

There is a greater place for glory than in the presence of mediocrity. Assumption being the only form of understanding is being distributed leaving kindred and kin alike settle for folly. Life goes on, but only misery takes total advantage of this; by further humiliating the settlers, and allowing them only a moment of calm only to rekindle their grief, this has become the only reason for living.

The world is an unending wheel rotating on an axis of pain. The storm is never ending , the ghosts of the dead scream for joy as they have managed to crossover to peace.
The loving are the cursed as they are made to focus and watch as pain is inflicted upon loved ones .

What are the evil ones doing by thanking control of this world? they ridicule all that is bright, sharing gloom to all that think of offering a smile. The sun is covered by flowers of thorns, the evening marks an unending night of sorrow. The moon is blood red painted by the artists of darkness. The wind blows but only the screams of agony make it past the forbidden silence. Happiness is not an option for it has been tagged and disbanded.

On the rooftops of the mighty the flag of disapproval waves on but the heroes are without a leader, no one is able to stand alone in this time of disarmament . Wisdom is without knowledge, as understanding is lost. Matters arise but are met with desertion; there is a metamorphosis of ideology a shift in balance and glory is lost.

The meter has lost its rule , as there is no gauge to measure length leaving the pulse and gauge uneven. Man is now a caged animal held hostage by its own creations, we have become slaves to our desires holding onto meaningless things as the fundamental needs have been forgone so as to meet up or survive.

Is it going to get better? this is the question being posed by the masses, as the depression is on the rise many look onward for answers forgetting to seek-out the answers from the past. The compass of existence is pointing towards a cardinal-point, which leaves observers to think in this light :

“Have we paid Attention to the details?
Based on observation and Gazing, do we look to find The difference between interests
As they are Classified under objectives to observed, should they be Pronounced as National gratitude.
Do we continue Acting on impulse? As the The Nation crumbles, Destroying all that has been established.
Have we noticed that the times change without the hands of the clock?
Do we realize that Bad things are happening? As Nature becomes abandoned for the created.
No one understands the world as the flow is lost.
Meaning has been deprived it’s existence
Allowing Nonchalance assume priority as the order of the day
The world collapses all around
The circle remains incomplete without a point
The rounded up figure is Inconclusive as there is no destination
What are we so afraid off ? Does the darkness persist even in the absence of night ?
Will the living continue to sail with Caskets on this ocean of reprieve? Even as the end has been deserted , must The dead ride on the tears of regret?
Detained by histories unforgiving memory
The challenges of the drift deepens
There is Collapse and with it the shattering of all hope
Freedom becomes challenged
Are we able to set aside grief from sentiment? As we attempt to breakthrough the ranks of this ordered rancor
The media puts before us all, tangible reasons to continue in discord
The News In an attempt to raise ratings becomes the number one source for records
speculation grows amongst the masses as they forget that
1)Not all data should be information
2)Not all words should be printed or spoken”

The inevitable starts and this in conclusion, for the end of the tunnel is being approached; the pupils dilate allowing the much needed light reach into the now darkened soul.
Wisdom is the first to awaken, it seeks out understanding, both reach out to knowledge.
Mankind is set to receive freedom from all that has enchanted and bound it. Now is the time for all to seek out the truth, for the day of ignorance past and we have a new beginning……………………………………………………………………………

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