Conclusion Et Introduction

The sun shines on us all, but the glory of the sun is felt only by those that have planted

 seeds have been scratched , but has the multitude sown?

Have we done enough to get the blessings of the sun ?

The calendar year quickly rounds down, and the reset phase is about to be clicked
Do we view the past as a success to be relived for eternity?
Shall we roll up our mats and head towards the future ?

catalogued in books of history we shall forever remember the year 2013 for in this year,
We have seen as Nations have risen, mighty men have fallen , roads built , just as walls and homes have been pulled down

Some families cheered and rejoiced as babies were born, many more moaned in agony as blood flooded the streets of many cities around the globe
The name of God have been used to spread anarchy, mockery has been made of what true worship is

Days have come and gone but these memories will last forever
The end of the year marks a new beginning , as we countdown in our various ways ushering in the new year

I believe that this is the best advice to have going into the new year “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less~Marie Curie

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