Pursuing Selfish ambitions and blind lust after glory, these are two of our favorite things
We all want and desire carnality, we seek out raw pleasure
Most men sin differently, but ultimately drink from the same chalice
Our minds are set towards riches , our hearts desire for acceptance
We are almost comical, filled with words but lacking in depth and character
The notion that death could be at the next corner evades our daily reason
We are sucked in by the mirage that all that shines holds value

Outer chambers hold delay for destinies stay stalled due to wrong thirst

False keys slotted into fake doors masked by arrogant decay we suffer from foolishness

Ignorance is the table we set our daily bread upon , dinning as a band of idiots

We do not know who we are , nor do we understand our strengths or weakness

This is our Vice, we fail because we are inclined to, this is our disposition

Our perceptions are based on rumor, the popular story, we kill men but not spirits

Words are spirits, understanding gotten from the holy book, be careful what you say or utter

Resist the urge to be manipulated for the fruits ; the real value is in the seed
The world does not work by coincidence, nothing just happens but justly happens
Assumption is nothing but predetermined failure,the smallest light shines brighter than the darkness
Free yourself from addiction , man was created whole so do battle to regain your liberation
Nothing should break your will, do skirmish to overcome distraction
The man with result is better than the man with an argument
The flesh is not the Body, the Flesh is the Mind

The most dangerous part of your soul is your emotions , bitterness destroys, creates subtle criticisms

Envy is contagious

See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many~Hebrews 12:15 (NIV)

No man desires rejection , we all want the ovation in the mist of the congregation

To be great you must first be small , we must first die to live like a seed thrown down into the ground

In the real world close confidants are going to hurt and wound you, we must learn to let go and move on

Be Wise ! Learn to manage , ovation , anger , malice , pride

Bitterness and pride = unworthiness

4 thoughts on “Conscience

  1. Hello mr Blogger I love ur blog nd ur articles. It’s inspiratory ad educative. Keep it up ur really doing a great job here.

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