To be totally honest I have never fully understood what love is, I have come to understand with each passing day that the meaning of Love evolves.

The most amazing part of it all is that we are faced with this invisible mirror constantly showing us what we fail to see.

Looking back now; I have no regrets about the past, with all the  love lost or even the lust for nothing teaches like having gone down the rabbit hole.

Today is valentines day and we are all expected to put up a show or spectacle to impress others, but really what is valentines days about?

Should it not be a day to appreciate all those that put out their necks for u? , all those that were there when you were  down and out, I believe that we are missing the point and that if we continue to market and sell this day as just a day to be ostentatious  we may just mortgage one of the best days dedicated for sincerity for cheep change.

Every romantic bone in my body is yearning and longing to appreciate you Nala, I can’t wait to show to you how much I care about how you have kept Simba sane, words are just not enough so I would show you in grand style.

Beauty in a woman should not just be about looks but about personality, passion and dedication to constant improvement and also friendship.

Getting it wrong with you scares me a lot but I believe that not taking a chance is worse so this is it, we are taking a trip, let’s let the sails of passion follow the tide as we gaze onto the future we en vision with our hands held together locked in as one.

Why be a king if you have no queen to share your kingdom with, why acquire much territory as a man if you have no proverbs 31 woman to manage it with and for you.

I know that I don’t have it all planned out, nor have I come to grasp the whole concept of love but you have given me a reason to work at it, to strive for perfection, to head in the right way and path.

I am glad I made it to Naladise


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