Banes And Hammers

Banes and hammers a world of mistrust
In this land of dust, every revolving door opens us up to lust
The shrubs remain ever luscious and rampant
A city wide with a spree of savages who crack the delicate glass walls of society

To what end? Some dare to ask , as the distant drums of war beat closer with every striking of the hands of the clock
The staging area is no longer vacant, as rivals move-in; positioning a strategy for the defeat of others
Now is the time to recall the tales of old as history maybe the only guide left for this people of unfolded dreams
the glory days are long gone! No more shall there be profit from pilfering? Or by taking from the dead

This jungle is home as hesitation breeds it’s own rare form of vegetation
Blood has been splattered all over the cotton plant, were purity and whiteness once resided
The Deviant men clatter, but like mice they scatter as soon as the scales of balance tilts
Justice is abhorred by their kind, for nothing is ever beautiful by odium

Let the vultures sing for they too shall get their day in the court
The days of war staged in the court shall pass leaving the land to lay fallow for a time
An abstraction you might say, but who knows the direction of the wind and its residence
The meek become the hunted while the hunters are deprived of sound judgment
Suffering clouds reason, leaving room for assumption and invidia

Woe to him who stands for the truth, he goes against the norm and so must be cast into a caste of Nobel men
Insanity is invidious, it respects not lucidity, but takes its stand stating that madness is an Art
“To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail~Abraham Maslow”

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