Catenaccio ‘Bolted door’

Butterflies pounding on the walls of my stomach
My heart beat rises , but my voice grows lighter
The light coming into my soul seems darkened by the sadness of my heart
My eyes are drenched with liquid sorrow as my pulse drops

Left in the lurch : deserted but not abandoned for gloom still keeps my company
Relationships destined to fail by the wrong first impressions
Nothing more to say than mayday; an ice berg crushing my once warm smile
Comfort becomes a distant past, the closest thing i got to a good memory is a temporal feeling of a climax
The emptiness overshadows all the warmth I can find. Uncle Jack tries to make it Better but fails

Nothing seems important anymore , can I just be unlucky or just plain reckless?
No man losses out on love this often, my dreams are hunted with visions of her happiness
Negativity is the mother of my mindset, hopeless powers my stride
Never again would I subject myself to such a pleasure, as withdrawal seems to be fatal

Sleeping with my smart phone in hand, I am forced to look at pictures of blissful beginnings
Ashamed of my position I pretend to be alright , keeping my head up while secretly soaking up tears
My fear is deception , I am deprived of tenderness , I hate that I love , I wish that I lust only , but having a poets heart makes me subject to Love
Divine intervention is needed , as my objectives change

Love left me behind and now I seat alone waiting for a stranger to arrive and make it all better
Confusion is a better feeling than this, no need to pretend anymore, I am disgruntled by my unfairly ending
The only lesson learnt being that “Every instance of heartbreak can teach us powerful lessons about creating the kind of love we really want”

I go to bed tonight knowing that all I have is an empty bed with an extra pillow to soak up the tears, No more magic.

11 thoughts on “Catenaccio ‘Bolted door’

  1. Love will still come as long as it’s not the end. Soon enough ‘Stranger’ will become ‘Love of my life’. I believe the world’s good friend, Time, will bring Stranger to all who share these emotions that can’t be summed up into one. It’s so beautiful how you can express most of what you feel through your words.

  2. Every word went straight to my heart. I saw things my hands never had the courage to pen down; you’ve spoken my mind. It never seems true to say this, but believe me: I know how you feel.
    Beautiful piece.

  3. Every word went straight to my heart. I read things my hands haven’t had the courage to pen down; you’ve spoken my mind. It never seems true to say this, but believe me: I know exactly how you feel.
    Beautiful piece.

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