This world is ruled by wickedness, and these men have the upper hand
When you wake up in the morning; having a sense of positivity, but find that insanity knocks on the doors of your mind seeking entrance
What do you do?

There is a lot we hold onto in our attempt to normalise our alienated feelings
Sometimes I find my self standing in an empty room counting sheep.
Day dreaming and reminiscing over untapped memories: of what participating would have been like

Motion sickness all-around as my minds boat of sadness rocks on non-stop
No matter the distance I put between regret and myself, I find that there is still uncovered sadness amongst the gloomier emotions I possess

These mindless minions encircling me, pushing the renunciation of sanity
The world is not a very kind place to men like me
I am judged before I complete my rounds; my circle is incomplete, leaving me with out a circumference

Years of neglect; all these years of neglect, reckless living and mindlessness.
To die an anointed cowards death at the end must not befitting for me.
I detest these stories of wheels greased by corruptions oil sprocket

What does it mean to be a dreamer?
What does it mean to have hope?
What does it mean to have a vision?
What does it mean to have a positive mindset?
What does it mean to be live happily ever after?
What does it mean to when they tell you ” I love you “?
What does it truly mean when in the end, all we see is death, destruction, heartbreak , mediocrity, pain, sickness and anger?

This nuisance! all this arrant bombarding of the human mind with filth, carefully scathed and placed confidently for the consumption of only the faithful
I find that I am naive to think that the world considered me able or capable of being more
Being Cursed with the touch of gold, solidifying all I touch and leaving a trail of shinning clumps on my path

The mind of a sage should be pure and undefiled by the lusts of the world but what positive words have I received lately ?
Nothing seems to make me want to get up in the morning and since death is the cowards exit I am forced to be brave alone

Unhappiness is more than any could ever contend with, like a little child jumping to reach a piece of candy but always an inch away from success
Frustration builds up in my veins, my blood runs warmer than expected by my touch is cold and my breath slow
I run a race of fools, I dance the dance of the uninitiated. Belonging to none and owning nothing but a wasting mind

“What do I do next, who do I run to, where do I rest my head, where can I be accepted for who I am, where would I find likeminded men, where can we avoid the ignorance around, where shall we be safe from the unloving partner”?

My only hope is to embrace that”The farther behind I leave the past, the closer I am to forging my own character”

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