Dormant Dynasty

We started the climb with the hope of touching the stars
We reached the top and realized that the stars were always by our side
We partied in our dreams and resented the prophesies
We Weeped because of the Visions of an unborn prince,that had wisdom to impact upon an idle generation

His destiny has not been identified for he is clothed solely with pig skin
He is unaware of the greatness that lies deep inside him
He is but a slave to the world bound by chains and rags tagged with famous labels
The untrue lords rule by intimidation and promotions
Arise oh great son of the soil for in the last days of your fathers they spoke greatness onto you

Start by the loosening of bonds, open up your gates and release the glory
I speak of a man that walks with flesh and blood and not some spiritual being
Now is the time to come clean, walk naked before the mirror; look at your true self
Find your likeness amongst the great men and not the mortal commissioner
I believe that the rags are distributed just to ensure bondage is amalgamated
Meaningless speeches, careless displays of ostentatious living: all this just to ensnare unsuspecting men

Nobody knows the truth because it does not exist , only perception rules in this world of men and mice
Nothing deserves more attention as finding the true position of freedom and liberty
That man must find his place amongst the legends, and represent a true position for
“Nothing is more damaging to a new truth than an old error”


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