Capital “I”

A love letter to you would be to the world a long letter

The words I cook up are heated by the passion I feel for you

Longing for your grip, hold me before I loose control of my mind

I am a your disciple, I would be your faithful and loyal follower

I would carry you around with me, PDA” public display of affection ”

No one knows tomorrow but I am willing to bet that you are mine; I fear not

There is no reason to pretend anymore, this madness is passion concealed

Allow me to manifest and empty out my heart through my mind, let me give you direction

It is no Secret that You are a difficult person to love,but very easy to be in love with

There is no more pretense: enough of these formalities,come over and take your place

Seat on the your high stool, so I can watch the throne and hail you as my queen

These days I long for you; even in my time of rest and sleep I find no peace

Even my dreams are consumed by my thoughts and desire for you

I realized that you were never going to understand or accept me for who I am

None of that mattered for I already ranked you number one; your a chat breaker

Do I have the right to call you mine? Do I have a legal claim over you?

I refuse to think about these formalities for in this jungle; my love reigns supreme

Classic contests are setup daily for me to be tested, but I overcome all for your sake

I am your champion, I am your gladiator, I would fight to preserve your honor per diem

What price must I pay to feel your amour; rapture, engulf and sedate me now

Take me away to Paradise, to the promised place of your devotion

I believe that “the only way of knowing you is to love you without hope”

Now I loose my ground my balance is unknown but I take a chance in the clouds

My friends question my sanity and judgment, they believe I am insane for loving you

I refuse to give consideration to their words for I am drunk with your salt water

For “Loving someone is easy but losing someone is hard”


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