Capital “X”

The next bread comes before the first day, the light and the darkness fall on the night
My might is lost as my sight struck by plight
Who can help the strong? and who should hate on the weak?
Why does the driver keep to the road? and why does the time look out into the watch?
Meaning nothing begins and ends because in the end we loose out.

That said We’ve got nothing too loose for the day never started
We fought for love; so we share the spoils and scares
Love found its great escape: the night became blood red when we cut at each other
You hurt me with your words, and I with my actions

We have been wronged by the one we trusted
We found it impossible to resolve our differences
Nothing ever seemed to be enough for you
When you say to me ” I wish I never met you”
My heart screams out ” I loved the right person wrongly”

A victim of my relapse, the delay was never intended to create a dangerous situation
But I realize now that when we hold onto old battle scares we fail to realize the trophies ahead
Nothing can be said or done anymore and so like a lost game
we evaluate our performances to find out where it all went wrong.

After all we Started off with nothing, and now we ended up with even less
The vultures are late to this dinner as my broken pieces have been picked up by another
I hope you find peace in your illusions
You choose to live in an uneven world and so the odds are forever against you.

The pain I feel is sharp it cuts deeper than one would expect
It’s not even real to think that you would put in all you got and the other reacts as though you have been holding back
Such instances of neglect fuel lustful passion and fills the heart with revenge.

The sheep tossed out by the Sheppard would find solace with the wolves
The day cursed would eventually become night
The light suppressed would show darkness
The hands of time wipe away my tears
The greatest of us have loved and died
The lies become the only truth believed in the end.

Coal is only useful when heated up
The passion is dead, the romance never made it to France
In the end all we have are dreams and these never go away
Pack up and leave your misery behind,
Step up and walk towards finding a better tomorrow.

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