Born Again

Again I am faced with genius and it is in the form of a Man , his name is Gerald and again he tells a tale:Enjoy!

Do we even need words?
Do we need verbs to guide?
Or adjectives to describe,
This feeling so real this feeling so natural,
As life herself.

You are the reason I trust that God exists,
And if a scratch,
Where ever to befall your splendor
I will give up my faith faster than a heartbeat.

I wish I was the breeze,
So that as you walked along the seashore
You could bare out your breast
And let me caress you with my breath.

Kiss me my beloved.
Let your lips be the ignition that awakens every cell in my body
Open up the floodgates of the divine
My soul is yours to devour.

I remember your soul too well.
We dined with the angels in the heavens
Then you were gone.
And I, have returned to earth to search for you.
So when I hold you by your waist, and look into your eyes,
I see beyond tomorrow
I see perfectly through yesterday, till the day before I was born

Tonight, we are divine.
We are isis and rah,
Zeus and Hera
Venus and Mars

We are swimming in the milky way
With the stars floating about our fingertips
This is consuming fire that never burns out.

She says, stop. Be silent. …….

Do we even need words?
Do we need sounds?
This is natural as the elements
So kiss me once again,
And if everything remains the same.
Tonight we are born again.

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