Capital “C” The Siege Of Truth

This endless panorama, swamped by luxurious waves of never ending Gloom
The further we look the deeper we fall for the Black Hole called third world
No amount of lights seems to permit visibility and transference
We are constantly under the vigilant watch of “Death Eaters”
These watchers subject it’s citizenry to the locusts leftovers

Painted streets with unpainted walls
The windows left ajar as the doors are sealed shut
The keys to the gates are left on the lock
What are we to make of all of this?

We are the problem; we are the solution
We are the makers and also the destroyers
We build but most of the time we knock down
We are the present and the future yet we can never repeat past

Oh mother! Oh father! give us this day
The strength to communicate with reason
May we see the light at the end of the tunnel
Let the darkness make peace with our shadows

The next of kin assemble and chant in solitude
They forbid us from striding on; yet we move
They assume we are not ripe enough to grow
But the seed must become a strong hold

The vapour escapes through my eyes, the tears soak
But the laughter drowns the sorrow amicably
It is all a dream in the end as sadness rides alone
We own the sunset and so make light our plight

Prosperity without posterity is a curse
Life without love is a curse
Nights without sleep is curse
Surly Days without the sun must also be a curse

2 thoughts on “Capital “C” The Siege Of Truth

  1. Still not sure how to follow you on this stuff. Me I just never close the tab and I refresh whenever I have the time. I’m a cave woman *shrugs*

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