Capital “D” migraine

The stress of religion
The marks left by the beast are evident
The position of power
The playing of god by man

The mind of a sinner
The role of sin in humanity
The stance taken by the wicked
The plans of evil

The milk is from the snake
The sap is taken from the tree of death
The blood obtained from the innocent infants death
The flesh is received from the strange woman that resides by the sea

The chanting of spells
The singing of a dirge
The crashing of truths gate
The spikes plunged into heart

The red moon resides right next to the dark sun
The streets are littered with carcasses
The airplanes fail to make it into the skies as the clouds and saturated with tears
The oceans swallow up ships along with its cargo and passengers

The day seems to be stealing away the possibility of a tomorrow
The globe is in a state of disarray
The balance seems to be tilting against mans Favour
The might of man seems light

The control of our world is clearly not In our hands
The days of old are upon us once again
The time of reckoning is fast approaching
The milk must not be left to change to cheese

The saints must awaken
The sinners must repent
The scale of justice must be balanced once more
The chance of a better tomorrow might just be possible if all come together and Pray

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