Dashed dreams mixed with recycled thoughts of what the past was. Many men live in yesterday because they fear for tomorrow, they have no assessment of what it would take to progress into the greater future. Possessing a means alone does not make a way for a man; for he must also chart a course of action in order to make progress.

Fear not only cripples greatness, it makes a man mediocre and it puts him at a constant disadvantage. The other thing that kills is self doubt, a man that convinces himself that he is average would always be minus.

Favour does not respect the rules, I have come to realize that when it comes it takes you past protocols and it places you right In the middle of things or in front of the queue .

The show is never really over, the actors change and sometimes the stage moves but the end result is always the same.

The sun is never truly far away from our sight, even in the darkness we are to look within and find hope. It shines ever so brightly and connects us to the solar system of greatness.

Those that are saddened by life’s actions must learn to act and not react in response to situations.

A relationship should build up and not tear down men, A dove is to represent peace and the olive branch hope of a great life.

With signs visible to the eyes, why do we hold onto gloom? Watery eyes blur vision but also keeps man connected to his emotions.

Having Feelings is not a sign of weakness, weakness comes from the inability to disconnect from pettiness.

The droplets of rain sound a melody and make meaningful progress as they fall back to the earth. In doing this it fulfills it’s purpose, giving life to the seed dead in the ground.

It is no lie that “We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded  up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing” but “Remember that when they bury us; they have no idea that we are seeds”

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