Without Reason

Our future is not in our past, rather it is rooted in the seeds we plant today and the investments we make with time being the only constant
Being consumed by life’s constant needs is almost inevitable, as we live in a time that more and more of our life is required to run another man’s agenda

The days of old have quickly become legend as tails of a simple life cannot be imagined by our complex generation

“It’s the new era” we are quick to say! We make excuses as to why we bury out time into pits that do not exactly yield returns
A lamp is no longer enough to signify light, Gold and diamonds are the new glow

The people are blinded by this ever shinning perception that” all that glitters should be gold”

They say that “to lose yourself to your Trade is golden” what they fail to say is that “it comes at a price” and that price most times is “Lack of Freedom”.
To be a slave to success is a worse form of idolized worship

The ability to Reason and common the sense to appeal to a man’s good nature when his lusted seeds are at a stage of yielding fruits only makes perceive  you as the enemy to his success
He believes that he must see the process through, forgetting that his yield is not a result of his hard work but his dependency on his chosen idolatry

He will never have enough, the greed and need to have more grows with each completed task.
Learn to switch off! They say, but they tell you this through the same channels and network that they asks you to stay on to create and improve their ratings.

So how then are we to get the message if the messenger and the message are one and the same?
It seems the only solution would be to play hide and seek with our inner conscience

The right answer is most times never the most enjoyable but it is found to be the most durable
Nobody wants to live in a glass houses anymore so the fear of throwing stones does not surface, Rather they seek to hide deep below the surface hidden away behind bullet proof doors and walls to prevent transparency
A man’s life should never be guided by the common tide, he must aggressively fight these winds to remain afloat and find his own path to destiny.

If he fails at this, he will run with the current and end up wrecked at the end of the day.

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