I sinned, I faltered, I have dishonored God and I have done a great evil to my fellow man . I make excuses to cover my actions, I do my best to rationalize my inactions  but with the ticking of the Clock all I have come to realize is this “I have not been faithful as a man and as a son of God”. How can anyone live with guilt, how can the hour glass rest easy knowing that the particles of time have been disturbed and dirt exists. A good man is not a holy man a good man is first a broken man. He is the man that realises that his wisdom is as relevant as the agreement written on sand. 

    Substance is a mighty bag to carry and like every item that has weight, it takes training and know how, to properly lift and more importantly balance out all its various elements. Integrity and character are two of life’s pillars, unfortunately most people build their lives with inferior entities such as ‘ the love of money’, ‘the drive to impress others’. A lot of us try build from the outside in, forgetting that lasting growth comes from the inside. Failing in one endeavour may mark you as not effective but this does not disqualify you from the race.  ‘Focus’ and leave the ‘Jack of all trade behind’ for his trade pays less in the end and the only result is delay. Keep your eye on the prize and pay the price for it. Delayed gratification is often the hardest quality to imbibe but it sure does give back the greatest gains. The worst feeling in life is when you    face the truth unprepared to take account of your actions this leaves you with your pants down and shame will be written on your face. 

‎     Those that stand to change the course of history must first rewrite their own destinies by un learning all that life has thought them over the years. The belief that one is wise is the greatest form of self-pity which translates to delusion. The situation on ground is never going to be solved until the people involved realize that the fault starts with them. The world is not what we wish it to be but what we are willing to sacrifice to let it be, realized.

 Too many dreamers but not that many thinkers the fakes make it their duty to over improvise that they expose their inefficiencies. In the end we hope for a world where people don’t notice the cracks in the walls.
Life as a whole is not the worst outcome but the failure to find success at the end of the journey. The world itself is said to be a large maze with a lot of wrong turns leading to dead ends but what we come to realize is that some people are able to make the most of a bad situation and rewrite destiny. They become hero’s even though they never planned to serve of contribute to society, 
the callous nature of many expose inefficiencies

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