What’s the point of having a shared dream with someone if your reality is so distant ?
What’s the point of having company if you still feel very alone? 
What’s the point of being in love if you feel neglected ?
What’s the point of being patient with another if all they do is judge you and make you feel inadequate with yourself? 
What’s the point of searching for answers if the questions set before you rigged for your failure? 
What do you do when you know that the uncertainty in front of you is like a mirage and might never emerge?
Do we continue to poison our bodies because man says that we are all dying?
Do we live this life like it were a lie because we are constantly searching for the truth? 
What do you make of this failure to connect with another?  
Is it to be blamed on the other or on society? 
Must we consume all that is put before us?  
Has our freedom been mortgaged? And joy taken into custody? 
Do we see the sunlight only for a short period in the day? Or do we fight for what we have lost to regain our sight? 
My days are filled with all these questions, I am numb to a lot of things but not these for the concern not just me but every one who feels and loves to be loved. It is not enough to request and Demand attention or to pray to God and ask him for blessing and gifts, it is not ok to want to be treated like a king or a queen if you have not treated another in this fashion for what is given would be given back but that which is taken can not be returned whole. 
All I want is to be whole again to know that I am indeed in the right place at the opportuned time. 

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