The last few days have been somewhat peculiar. I have had to search within for comfort, as the walls of my heart have neglected me and given to doubt.

For no particular reason I tension myself, I have ventured out of my comfort zone my peace of mind and have pushed, the question remains “to what end”?

I cannot stop myself from looking for clues to what I hope are nonexistent. The saying does go “ if you smell a rat it usually a rat” but in this life I have come to note that nothing is permanent or constant, in any case I put my fingers to my keyboard to put down meaningless words or so they may seem.

A good deed it seems only makes one vulnerable to abuse, I look at my neighbor and say to myself do I stop to say hello or do I keep walking on pretending to be preoccupied. Oh well the days do end and we all find solitude on our pillows.

Some days we are lacking of wisdom and restrain, we seem to throw away all good judgment only to allow our most primal self-expression. In this state, there is no ambiguity in our dealings with others.

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