When everything seems to be missing a piece, a conclusion or an end it might just be that we have overlooked or skipped a step. 

Panic is the last option for we must compose and gather our selves together and figure out why this outcome exists.

The time spent fixing an error is never enjoyed but character development is a key component in the ride of success .

Some say ‘ cross your T’s and dot your I’s’ while others preach’ look twice before crossing the road’. All of this in an effort to instill the Habit of cross checking our work before its unveiling.

I find it rather difficult to go over my work  and although I have seen the fruits of my failure a part of me is unwilling to take this time out to be diligent.

Maturity as I see it, is not just knowing the right thing but it is putting this knowledge to practice over and over again, when it is convenient and more still when it puts us out of our comfort zones. 

The old saying goes “you meet your bed the way you leave it the morning”. I have come to appreciate it now that I have no one to clean up after me and my responsibilities are left untouched by everyone but me.

Men go through Life truly  in stages and sizes we grow when we approach all obstacles in front of us with out any procrastination or hopping that another will take up our tasks for us. 

They are no free meals out there in the world for the successful man. He must make out time to do all that is needed to receive the abundance that is in the World.

Again I have noticed that we are becoming perpetual consumers and not providers. We have become comfortable receiving and have forgotten that we must provide for ourselves and give the generations to come a foundation of theirs. 

I speak not of food but of Art, media, work, and other factors that make up civilisation.  We are a generation filled with so much potentials but settle as consumers of popular culture.

Growing up I had a belief that fashion like arts was an expression of self but it seems that we surrender our individualism for the current trend. I too   partake in harshtaging but at this moment I feel the need to find and define myself  more than anything else.

To stand against things that my values tell me are wrong. I will try not to sell out because I want a thousand more followers and retweets. I believe that the currency of life is not LIKES, FOLLOWS or RETWEETS. 

I do not despise social media because I also benefit from this technology but I believe that we must develop selective adherence to all its norms and forms

Innovation and momentum are two things that I am coming to understand and as soon as I do I promise I will share my findings with you. Till then have a good day. 🙂 

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