Patience is lost and is wisdom gone

You were my  home, my base my place of sanity. In this world where nothing remains stable or in place I held onto you. Now it seems to be all gone. Was I too late to note this change or have the times overcome me with its trickery and moved ahead without my knowledge.

However I find my self in a dark place a quiet corner of what your to be familiar or home. The days are without number as the matters that arise are unnamed and not civilised. I have lost confidence in humanity once again and all the lessons I have supposedly learnt are dormant as I reach deep within for the strength to carry on this March or walk towards meaning. The substance of my creation lacks ideal, it has become a phantom floating around the dark edges of this hollow time that I now find my self.

The world in its duplicity offers not remedy. It has joined forces with those that bring about  oppression   and now the house that should be a home is nothing but a fickle dream that might never materialise. At every step I have tried to March or even dominate, I have keep late hours to practice and better myself. Have these nights be unjustly ? Yes! Even bitter and without smile but I kept in mind the end result. The Holy Book said as I recall ”better is the end of a matter than the beginning thereof ” if this be the case why do we put so much energy  in to all of this nothingness when the real show is yet to be premiered.

Let the lost ones participate in the hora but find it profitable to invest man hours into matters of value. Also I have seen the the public eyes find us interesting well, ignore them for they do not gain in our gladness but profit from our gloom and disdain for one another. Be strong, be protected. Now train yourself to be better equipped for the future that may be alright. Still a prodigy of the success that is a version of the reality we guard with our lived and i

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