Who Can Stay

Is love’s protection not guaranteed in the contract of loving? It is amazing  that we can claim to love but yet expose the weakness of the one we swear we have affinity for?
Is Love tentative, or provisional? I truly find myself lost in the complexity of this. One Man says that he would die for love yet would not loose sweat to protect loves integrity.
Another concept that burdens me still is selfless love. If you love one but that one loves another, do you let the one go to the other? Or grant ones departure? would you sabotage  ones exit stage  by leaving behind a prop to expose once again the fragility of your love’s unstable heart?
When you say to one you are free to Go are you not to assist in their transition? If truly you loved do you not pay up the mortgage he or she owns allowing your loved start life anew?
I guess this is just a matter that I still do not fully grasp for as I brace closely and hold on to the handles of the door of my heart as as I can tightly towards my chest pressing on I will not take chances but must protect the integrity of my heart by allowing  the most intimate reminder that life does Go on.
The mist is settling and with it the dew clears from the air exposing the earth. Although the sun is to be expected all the skies have is empty clouds, shadowed and mimiced by every move that is made by the flipping of emotions shut for its lack of light.This further diminishes the opportunity to live in love once again.
Danger! danger! danger! These senses feel endangered for in the absence of warmth the blood that runs through my heart chills the fibers that allow feelings penetrate my conscience.
The night time is an opportunity to bask in the emptiness that has become a reality, for during the day i have activities but no commitments. You see the night is a true reminder of what emptiness truly is as all that can be seen are creatures coming out to find substance.
There is no true conclusive end to this episode as it is never ending and constantly unsettling. Those that claimed to love you unconditionally have now recanted their vows. They currently join in with the rest of the world to throw stones of accusation on us. The Pain of betrayal immanent and deeply embedded into the soul of this rejected Lover who happens to be alone in the cold for he has been cast away by all that he ever held dear .

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