Absence Of Sound Erudition

The devil walked casually by my ears letting whispers flow past my head. Making the usual mistake, I allowed his words float into my mind.
All it takes is a second for doubt to be sowed and with it the mockery of all your hard work and progress.” Guard your Heart at all cost!” The Holy Book prescribed, but it never warned me that my own curious wondering eyes could lid me to my own demise.

All information is a collection of files, some facts, some truth and a lot speculation. It is left for the wise to keenly sift through it all to take that which is needful and useful.
Being bombarded with information might be the most effective way to stall progress or even insight paralysis. You know that a jack of all trade can be a master of nothing in particular.

The wise I believe know this and so save themselves for specific tasks and limit their association to a likeminded circle. Like I said in my introduction I allowed the devil walk into my life just by opening a single message and link and now I must deal with unlearning and in seeing the things I have seen.

This is an almost impossible task as my mind is constantly racing; looking to make sense to all this madness that has been unleashed. Pandora’s Box a basket of bleak memories and worries. The true imitation of happiness and an ever reminder of the foolishness of youthfulness squandered on mundane activities which at the time seemed to be the pinnacle of achievements.

I need to be saved from my own memories from this past that I have so cleverly put as an obstacle to my own progress. Stop judging me as you read my words forgetting to note that you too have made this same error in judgment one too many times.
We all need to evaluate better the company that we keep and the kind of materials we allow ourselves access, for the progress we make can all be aborted by a single text message, call or even an article read on the Internet.

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