Sold Out

I looked at this for a long time and it became more evident that I am nothing but a tool to you. I have become the sole object of your satisfaction. I am the puppet and you my puppeteer.
You run my day by simply pulling on the right strings, my confidence is gone as I am manipulated immaculately by you.
The angel I let into my heart has tormented my mind with words of dissatisfaction and instability.
I start to question my sanity but in reality I should be questioning yours. My Tortured mind is constantly running on a rail of instability headed to ruins
How can I satisfy your endless thirst and lust for provisions? How did I become a tool only valuable for use.

My life must stand for more! I need to break away from the chains of bondage. I must escape my cage and take charge of my life. My will is has to be strong and my mind formatted to its factory settings

How can a king live like swine. How does good wine end up in the mouth of kids. I am a savant and should be the architect of my destiny .
It is time to learn the rules of engagement and take back my rightful place. I shall leave on my terms And form now begin to live life as I am supposed to.
No more shall I be reduced to a single word. By dictators who try to simplify God’s greatest creation as common.
Alas the blindfold has been removed and I can see beyond this Society that I have been cursed to live with.

5 thoughts on “Sold Out

  1. I actually love it, reminds me of life: phases and relationships. I’ve been the victim, the attacker and the society. So relatable

  2. I found it very unrelatable until the very end, at that point I did feel tge blindfold taken off. Cheers for this.

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