The Book Of Me

This  is my life ; this is my time . This is my day and it is my glory . God has given me a day and I will make the most of it. If years are a second in Gods sight then my moment must last a life time. You see they say you mostly get sixty seconds of fame well mine is countless. I will wake up to each day smiling for I know that the day will go my way.
I will sleep with peace on my pillow and rest till the next day. My mission in life is to accomplish my purpose and nothing else. I am not a clown or an instrument of amusement so I do not owe anyone merriness but I decide on it for my own sanity 

The days shall be mine and the nights Gods for we shall communicate through dreams and refresh my vision. 

For so long I have languished in anguish, I have not smiles for more than a moment for guilt quickly fills my heart is those around me are not infected by might. Such foolishness on my path for people are forever unsatisfied. They seek you out just to replenish their needs for your company is not valued as a companions but as a tool. 

Enough about the gloom around Let’s focus on me. Ha-ha I send it today’s about the united states that is myself. I trust the virtues that come with this . I know the politically correct world would judge me as condescending, obnoxious and proud but look at it this way. When I die, would their judgement be taken account of by the Almighty? If not then let bygones be gone  


I am filled with tears of humility to think that God will choose such a lost soul to make a vessel. I am filled with a solemn gladness that I have this day to say Thank you Jesus.

Always I wake up and run off into the darkness that is the world I live in today. Not taking the time to think of Your greatness yet you allow me carry on my day. You protect me from myself and from others that hold nothing but selfishness close to their hearts. 

How is it that I am able to survive in this world that preaches self and not you? God, my gracious God I am unworthy to speak of you but yet you allow me to do so. 

Tender are your strokes of reproach for your intention is to correct and not condemn. The days go by day by day and man speculates on all that he assumes are your ways but comes up empty. 

With all our advancement in technology and science we are yet to reproduce love as you do daily. I am waiting on my heart to fail me at any moment but each time I feel it about to break I am comforted and held together by non-other than you .

My heart used to be filed with anger and blood lust but now all I feel is warmth and a knowledge of a greater tomorrow and life. 

The life that I have is non-existent if you do not continue to shine your light on me; so lord please, don’t leave me to myself or this cold cold world. 

Its practices only create more chaos, this very day my people are about to sink themselves into a blood bath that feeds none other than the prince of the earth. See us through this time and open up the eyes of the manipulated to see that the problem is half the media and the other an inability to seek purpose .

No man’s life is worth less than another, no body deserves to go to his death by the hands of his brother, slaughtering men and women for individual gain can never be condoned or justified. Nothing can make this barbaric acts right. 

It is not just the unjust that spill blood but even we without thoughts and lips crucify men justly and unjustly. Judgment and more importantly is the Lords. 

Why help him perform his duties, when you know very well that your ill intentions were never to do his bidding but to carry out yours. 

The Just shall live by faith and the adjust by mechanical means. 

Oh what a day! What a time to be Alive! With all that seems to manifest daily the excitement within me is hardly containable. The excesses unfortunately I irrationally spew out, but my redemption is sure for in the Lord I have a Redeemer that will once again Captivate my heart. And this Time he will stay and run his house my heart for it is His forever. 

Happy Birthday Odera  


One thought on “The Book Of Me

  1. Brother… may all pure and divine wisdom that’s served upon the mind of man via the ethereal plate of inspiration and the material golden sceptre of success stay eternally lodged in your soul as your feet walk down the dark valleys and up the sunny hills of the earth… In the light of Christ is truth found… Stay blessed… HAPPY BIRTHDAY in arrears… #SUCCESS #BILLIONAIREMINDSTATE….. Arc.Emmanuel Bisong(HOTR-ENUGU…Unec)

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