Mumbled words 

Dashed dreams , empty hope , failed anticipations and blanked out vision . All these spell out the story that has become what we are. This contrast takes shape flatly allowing our demise sink us while we are still alive. We are chocked by our ego for we allow the depreciating currency of the worlds fads influence our actions or its resulting inaction. The days of November have come and gone and slowly we walk through December celebrating only in lip the true meaning of hope that is Christ. But in our doings we decorate our hearts with ornaments to endorse our pride. For some they push from January till December just for this and start the cycle all over again. They remain stagnant but do not know because the corporations re-brand and re label the same products. Back to the matter at hand. I lost a dream while is was still asleep . My reality because the death of my dreams. The fears I dread have become the stumbling blocks that I have encountered. I can help but wonder if any of this could be avoided it skipped to the very last words of “happily every after”

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