Your lips provided an escape from the world. The words you spoke built both my confidence and spirit. Each time our lips touched I felt like time ceased to pass and I could freely express myself. 

In your embrace the worlds words did not get to me for you provided a coverage that only gladness was permitted through. 

The life that I have today is built on the premise of that promise of a happily ever after. One that I wish to cleve to but not anymore for you see the mess all around me is constantly creating a cluster. 

Although I find myself always surrounded by mischief and ill meaning people, I cling to the memories of us, I hold onto the pictures in my head for in darker times they are the only source of light and because I must see to live and have life I held on to the an idea of A-You. 

Life gets complicated, with information often miscommunicated and wrongly interpreted, but the sign on the wall is always visible to the eye that chooses to see and love to the heart that is willing to accept it. I believe that all that has transpired is simply because it was meant to and the life I once shared with this beautiful soul was because I was meant to. 

Life is truly like seasons and yet, I forgot to take that factor into account because now I pay dearly for my miscalculation. You walked away from my life gasping for air, you longed independence while all I yearned for was dependence on you yet it’s clear you were in despair. The first opportunity you had to jump ship you took it and maybe you were the wiser one because you understood that it was time for you to shed your old skin and me with it. 

I held onto a vision and a dream more than I did reality, looking constantly to a future forgetting that the present has to first be occupied in order for the future to be accommodated. A lesson I have learned in tears and sorrow, that man will leave you to your fate and so I must dig deep for strength and trust only in true Faith.

The days of old are finally gone as the reality of life sets in. A man must leave his home his most secure place to truly discover his true nature and with it his purpose. His first task would be to love and respect himself. To learn to be at peace with himself gives him the frame of mind he would need to conquer every obstacle he will likely face in his coming future. 

Holding onto God is the only way he can never truly be lost for the ultimate map and guide he will need is made available to him through revelation and the Good-book. Now is the time to accept the past for what it was and what it is and to finally let the scabs become scars for scars often remind us of a past that we we would likely want to improve on. 

The true gift given to man is the ability to heal and move on. To push on and overcome obstacles. No matter how hard or how long they may seem, if properly guided and motivated he will manifest and demonstrate his true and quality self. A man emancipated.

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