To fix a Broken Promise

Have mercy on me oh Lord, wash away my iniquity; let the angels that are assigned to me keep me from myself. may my will be surrendered to you and may only your word be made manifest in my life.
I have sinned against you and I have walked away from my promise. Oh my father take me back, put me in your secret place and hide me from my shame. May your light overshadow me and your reflection be seen in place of mine.
The Glory of the lord makes the strength of men invalid and by his name all the earth trembles. The sins of a man are countless and his wicked heart soaked in darkness robbing him of daylight but you my father can restore all that has been lost with only a word.
Your presence Father is where I want to be, your words are the only manifest and I shall live by them , there is no one I would rather spend my entire life following if not you darling Jesus for you make my sins small and you make my joy bigger than I can ever imagine.
I am blessed because you say that I am blessed and not because I live a life holy and void of sin. I am alive simply to fulfill your mercy and your word, darling Jesus may I be remembered in my time of need. May I be remembered when the world forgets me, may I be remembered when I get lost living almost my sins and not in your presence.
Master Jesus I put myself right next to you and place My soul in the hands of your promises for you speak and it becomes life

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