The Redeemed

Resurrect from within the dreams I had as an infant l, in that time I saw the world only in colors and through my mother eyes. I felt not hate nor did I see grief all I had was warmth and love.

Oh what a dreadful world we find ourselves in with man dreading his birth and crushing his soul upon the shattered pieces of what he once called hope

brief encounters and partial flips compose the now so popular chant for freedom but with each passing day man is deeper in a ditch

Tangled with not reason to reach for better for pity he feels overshadowed him long ago and all he asks for is only a Taste of what gladness is.

How did we loose sight of what we were called to be? How did we align with this Misconducted version of life? have we lost our sight only to become a slave to what we see?

Imagine a world where man Walked in purpose in his presence and for his glory to live to serve his will and not your own to manifest and become what he endeavors

I will take a day in his presence over a lifetime of my own for what can I make of this life? if he does not give me his own which he did with his son

Those that say that they are against us what have they giving up for our sakes have they not called us to make all the sacrifices and to be rewarded only when we serve well he loves us regardless simply because he chooses to and not become we have been the best or because we can pay him back

Arrest my heart oh lord from this darkness and as you separated the darkness from the light do the same and as you separated the waters from the land make me a land fertile located by the rivers of your mercy let your seeds be deposited in me and may I bear good fruits only because you love me

Oh what a joy it is to serve the lord to love him and to do as he commands to sound his songs to give peace to those that have only know pain and loss.

For there is no greater joy that to love the lord no greater reason to have a life of not to be by his side on his team allow his spirit coach you let his sons blood clear your path and obey simply obey leave the nose behind and keep Calm. Hosanna

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