maestro’s SAYS

Relax for a moment and absorb the situation ,

is it necessary, the “Copernicus” meditation  ?

spending and anticipating time in preparation for just one meal

time out! take a break taste the investment

no form of excellence can come without meditation on these thoughts

“there is nothing new under the sun”

wishing that your ideas would be a new moon

has left you leaving alongside the clouds

think for a moment and see reason

you may just discover that you are already living  in a new season

who decides what should stand or stop?

chin up and make known your position on a matter

feel the freedom, let go!

relax your muscles and feel the flow

trust in the current of nature to lead you on

knot your fear and doubt, leave it behind in a loop

entwined in a maze of its own abyss

step out of your comfort zone and into the ozone

above the earth around you, weightlessness!

let these last days you have be titled FREEDOM

become a beacon of light illuminate the path for others to follow

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