Men Of The Second Embarkment “The Voyage of Discovery” (Skit) 2

“The wise man’s eyes are in his head, but the fool walks in darkness; and yet It is perceived that [in the end] one event happens to them both-Ecclesiastes 2:14” “I love to travel but hate to arrive”, if death is the final destination Then TTG( Towards a total graduate) should lay little emphasis on […]

Point Blank

“Only the madman is absolutely sure~Robert Anton WilsonIt” It is never easy to make the right choices; for everything right tastes bitter. Going back to the days of radical living And never thinking, but acting like The world belongs to me . Always Wondering off into the night not searching for light but eager to […]

X’s & O’s

X – “With you I imagine something more engaging than conversations… But I met you with walls, with seasons that stayed the same” O- I can only state that your love for me came premature for I occupied generously a place of incubation at the time we had made first contact X- I see you… […]