Fleeting Thoughts

Always on time but never early, to be present but not available this is the result of mind over matter. The world puts emphasis on results so much, that man has lost the spirit of participation.  the only thing that matters now is winning;coming in ahead to be the first and nothing less. The world […]

The way Of The General

We have inalienable fundamental rights as human beings. The most important and key being “the Right to live”. When this is threatened the citizenry look to its leadership “The General” for protection and cover. Even the “chick” understands this and that is why a hen would protect its eggs and chicks , so why then does our Nation […]

As we go on…….

The understanding of the word importance,  the knowledge of the process used in  gathering of wisdom is key to the growth and development of man. As the days and years go by our ability to assimilate is restricted by our associations  with the “common man”. A great man knows that life is a circle and […]

The 2 Shall Become 1

No man deserves to loose a wife and no wife her man. Its breaks the bond and divides that which must be complete. To divide an atom would be to create a nuclear reaction. An imploded cell bringing about a drastic effect and change to its immediate environment. Death to all Men but not just […]

Reality check

In times of mass loss and destruction the mortality of man comes to question. The infinite struggle to achieve and accumulate wealth and success. From birth to death man struggles to survive and achieve but death has a way of making mockery of this instinct . A man lost in the air,falling like a bird […]