Is email evil ?

A copy and Paste by “Maestro the technocrat ” “Through remote mail, smartphones, Blackberries and tablets, email insists that there should be no place or time where the discreet buzz of an arriving message cannot be felt. And, regardless of time and place, it wants these messages to be replied to as soon as possible – in […]

DISCOVERY OF savoir-faire

The former and latter both hold the same image. Beauty that is best left on the canvas to be described as ART. Illuminating in an unimaginable posture. This sighting should be reserved for the afterlife; i am privileged to be bestowed with such an honour. A mere  mortal such as myself, Being exposed to you ; an effigy mounted on a private display. […]

12:40Am are you awake??

“The meaning of life can’t be written in stone for the stone in it’s self has not the stamina to withstand the truth”. My honest objective is “derived from a deprived state called “thought”! loosing grip of all that my flesh holds dear too in search of an illusive prize. Many argue the authentic nature […]


Dear NWA, looking into your eyes, my future life,i realised that I had to be the luckiest chap my age ,seeing in ur eyes my tomorrow, knowing before my peers would, my reality,and understanding what life holds dear. This distance between the two of us caused by “the act of God”; time, space,water ,expanse off […]

The Title

the underestimation of the power of belief  is becoming more evident in this generation of ours, when every man flaunts fake hope but fails to back it up with faith. this discovery though debatable can not be overlooked as a major contributor  the failure in the society. a people lost because of Fear, a fear so real that […]

The Barracuda I See

The Barracuda is a ray-finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance. Its body is long, fairly compressed, and covered with small, smooth scales because OR The Barracuda is a Man known for his large size and fearsome appearance but really is a weakling who has no self worth but looks to take advantage of situations and […]

Maestro’s focus

The relevance of’ what is and what was’ becomes an issue only to those who see it as a challenge. In a conclave, we find that the necessary facts activate the flame, which in turn becomes righteous white like the smoke and dove. A notion drawn from this seems like a state of anarchy because […]

A sunday sermon to remember

A sunday sermon to remember 1st sam2:1-8 – A child becomes a son,when he appreciates those who blessed him. -you are not to forget any promise u‎​ make in the house of God – you must thank God through your actions and not words only” this makes u‎​ a son of God” -A son is […]