Maestro’s focus

The relevance of’ what is and what was’ becomes an issue only to those who see it as a challenge.

In a conclave, we find that the necessary facts activate the flame, which in turn becomes righteous white like the smoke and dove.

A notion drawn from this seems like a state of anarchy because it formulates a plan which comes from an existing passion to derive cause.

In the mind of man, issues are sort-out but only a few wish to truly understand the reason.

Death stands when life falls. Some are born dead a few fight him till the end. One in a million has him by the ropes and saddles around death to realise that they must break the stallion in order to ride. To the stands, this spectacle looks like a game, but only him and the rider, understands the true magnificence in the ride. I make this know only to show that every man knows himself realises and that ‘AHA’ moment shows the true nature of man that makes him a ‘god’.

Who is God? One who has the ability to make cerate and take?

God our father said ‘let us create man in our likeness ’. He put that life in us to continue his works so we become gods only when we know our true images.

To do so we let go of ‘what is and what was ’. Our focus should be on what would come because God made what is and what was.

Death comes when we are lost, but as a man knows himself so he must know death. He must take control of life and move graciously to the next. For in that he takes his place and title as god and procreates. No riddle can ever be this complex for in the riddle holds the answer.

We look in places for solutions and never see that we are the solution. A notion must be flushed for it is in a septic the drain goes down leaving a fresh supply of water. Make of this what you will, but as long as we keep our will and not let it break, life would not rattle nor shatter, for the latter is the death we suffer if we do not take control.





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