Letting You Go

Today i realized that denial is another form of reality

It is a place of solitude

we create this home just to keep the truth occupied

Forgetting that a wise man once said

“Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive~Elbert Hubbard”

We all die in the end

Say hello to me every once in a while .

Not only when you need inspiration

I am but an email , or tweet away.

I know that the past is not kind but the future is an understanding household

Be brave enough to face me

I fear the worst is yet to come

The weather between us Cloudy

With a foggy appearance

A transition yet uncompleted

Defining the part we take

Our following increasing because we distract our selves

Our gaze always away from solitude

We fear our inner man

Unfinished business

We never did mourn

Or allow nature to take it course

Natural order disorganized By man

in our faint appearance of strength

Even Buddha knows this mountain

We procrastinate through it all

Unaware of the structured revolt within our souls

A misfit unfit to Stand trial

The Evidence overwhelming and incriminating

Guilty of being mortal

A man with his flaws

Flesh and blood

If only we had listened

“Again He said to me, Prophesy to these bones and say to them, O you dry bones, hear the word of The Lord~Ezekiel 37:4”

But we struggle on

I miss you a lot

But my blood grows cold

And as my numbered days are counting

I must move on

I hope to find love !

27 thoughts on “Letting You Go

  1. very trueeee !!! Denial actually works , it might be bad but it works and if this write up is a figment of your thoughts and motions, I hope you find love 🙂 but if it Isn’t, then it was a really good read 🙂

  2. “Unaware of the structured revolt within our souls” …beautiful piece. delightfully written. the structure and style, simply original.

  3. “Unaware of the structured revolt within our souls” …beautiful piece. delightfully written. the structure and style, simply original.

  4. GREAT WRITE-UP. In your previous posts, you lacked a degree of emotional content but you’ve def. improved on that.
    My concerns are: you seem to maintain a very unattached disposition as a writer which kinda disproves the authenticity and sincerity of the message you’re trying to pass across. Also, so many diverse thoughts muddled up in one piece; it’s difficult for a reader to know if you’re writing of the emotion of letting one go or the philosophy behind man and his thoughts.
    I think It’ll be less complex and much better if you could stay on course with the topic.
    However, It’s quite easy to see the goodness in your intentions so If indeed you are looking for love, I pray for you that you find the one who’ll love you as much as you deserve. Amen.

    1. Although I might agree that this writer may have an unattached disposition in this particular work, I would also say that i do not agree when you say “very”. I dont think his writing is that detached.
      Also, i feel one of the qualities of a good writer is being able to communicate diverse thoughts in one piece, which he did well. Homer for example was successful in doing this.

  5. No, I don’t agree with “it’s very easy to follow your thought process”Too many things are going on at the same time in the write-up. But it was an interesting read all the same and your words flow beautifully. More grease!

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