Capital “O” (Heavens Gift)

Looking up to the sky, I can’t help but be thankful for heavens gift
Waking up to the knowledge that I am not walking alone fills me with awe
Nightmares quickly become my salvation for they steer me in the direction of you
Left or right are not the only available paths, sometimes the way forward is literally forward

We are naturally blended, let us stack up our own house of cards, for we hold the Ace
That is ; we not only hold the keys to our destinies but also the position – King and Queen;
Scented candles, candle light dinners , fancy restaurants, exotic holidays, all these I dream off;
The night quickly turns to day as my dreams would surly turn to reality

Time does have a sense of humor as it puts us back in each others path
Why so serious Odera? Oh well I guess I just might take a chance and leap out from the window praying that in this sky full of stars, I just might see you and gaze into your eyes as I fall hopelessly In love with you
Take that which you desire and pray that it’s looking back at you for two heads are better than one anyway

You are Intellectually sound, the words from your lips make sweet melodies and tunes
The only channel plying right now is that of positivity. Been through a lot already
But ready to ride along, taking it day by day; the arrow never missed its mark but burrowed deep into the center of the heart carrying cupid messages of Love

To be inspired by a friend,a pattern can be formed. The truth can be observed with the naked eye
Even the darkness acknowledges that your hold on me is real and genuine
The fact that all the drama In my life does not deter but urges you on humbles me
I bless God for the day of your Birth. Out from school out; we face the harsh world hand in hand

An Empire created by a shared dream can never be crumbled, but stands on an eternal foundation
The glory years lie ahead; OIO the butterfly would one day be seen by all
The caterpillar shall transform into a matured specimen; one to be admired by all
Few are as confused and gifted as I am , you see the both sides of the coin and are not afraid to toss it in the air

The space we generate shall be filled with ideas and memories and not sulking
The times we share together must be impactful and we must learn to tolerate each other and obey orders
The cars would get bigger eventually but for now we make the most of the beauty
The accounts would grow and eventually become banks of their own
The future ahead is so bright and I believe that even designer shades cannot protect the naive hater from seeing our light shine

All I know is that I am lost whenever you go and that I love you so much heavens gift
Haha this is all premature but I guess that’s what being in love is about
I have been to Naladise, I even ventured into a Maybach once and I must say reality is much better
In the end it might just be that :”True love is not rare at the age of a teen, but recognizing it as true love is”

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