My Mother Nigeria


Today marks the 52nd independence celebration of the motherland Nigeria, some say that it should be a day of sober celebration while others are of the opinion that as a nation we should count our blessings and carry on in total backwardness as we move forward.

For me I believe that as a Nigerian I am born of a great heritage free born and not a slave to a society created by capitalists and so I walk with my head up high though the lows at the moment outweigh the achievements still there is hope.

A century is a hundred years and we have reached the middle and are crossing over to the second half. I believe in the word of scripture that says “better is the end of a matter than the beginning thereof” the nation shall and I quote “shall get better with age”.

It is not enough to be a wishful thinker, but It also takes a lot of courage to believe and hold a strong conviction to a certain belief, as a people we have come to know thirteen years of undisturbed democracy a first for our nation, we have had a few credible men in positions of power but still all of these are masked and overshadowed by the fact that we have a flawed system, a failed process which has been perfected over time.

Satisfaction can never be achieved by selective acceptance of law and rules, a transition must now be made into the new light for the age of darkness is at its End. “My fellow Nigerians” we are the problem and the solution, the key and also the door, the beginning and also the destiny to our desired end.

It is time to stop childish things and give up its ways for all must now come to see that destruction lies at the end of this tunnel, we must now sail gracefully with our flag hoisted at full mast showing our proud colors of Green, White and Green as we hold dear to Our mother land, for a child must provide for its biological mother and so we Nigerians must do same for her.

She has given us Oil, fertile land, minerals and natural gas, she has provides us with  diverse beauty of natural form and so it would be wicked for anyone to say “what has my Country done for me?” no parent is perfect but she is excellent for she protects her own.

It is time to stand up, time to take control of the roles set before us all. The battle is for the strong and not the weak hearted.

Happy birthday Mother, your son still has faith in you. “GOD BLESS NIGERIA”


One thought on “My Mother Nigeria

  1. I have faith in Nigeria too, if Lagos can have uninterrupted power supply for a whole day, then I believe that there is hope……..God bless Nigeria!!

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