Dark Aisle

Constantly looking for answers , always dissatisfied with the norm , I am distressed by my environment , it’s passiveness towards my development , it’s nonchalance, you see the issue is not one thing but the whole broken circle
It is a continuing cycle of disjointed feelings, where nothing ever adds up

The menace is also the cure , how can life be so unfair?
why would I have this dark passenger with me on this journey?
Society is becoming the playground Of those who wish to leave us desolate
The game is now between classes and those who have no admission into such institutions are left for death

The average man is left without any protection from the elements,
Time is nothing but a stop watch as the race to set the new record for the most corrupt acts in tenor is on
What manner of men walk on this side of the Earth?, since when did being born Nigerian become a curse?

We say prayers all the time but our actions betray our cry for help
We are our own princes of Persia ” we stop our prayers from reaching the heavens ”
We bribe our way through life.
If corruption was a currency we would have it in abundance and our GDP admirable by all
It’s frustrating being a Nigerian, it’s sad that we have all the Resources but are not resourceful

We are made to serve our government and not the other way around
Pride now only arrives when dignity has left the room
Even the weather has become biased and corrupt, the rains now break the law of the seasons
The people are talking but nobody is listening, the army is fighting a never ending battle against shadows of the ruling class

This men have taken ransom of our birthrights and all we do is hold onto our devices and argue on social media
We sell out our destinies just to have access to steady network connection
Vanity is a thing of the past as luxury is now replaced by replicas created in China and dumped on us like mud on swine

Politics should be the method used in electing officers to represent us, but when men use the lives of others to play politics they inevitable place themselves on the same stool as the gods
I made mention of a dark passenger, well he is part of us , he has become the guardian angel to every miserable Nigerian
He sets up failure and organizes misery because he has taken over and claims to have control , he urges us to decelerate, making every Nigerian An Angry Person
He destroys our conscience making the truth seem like a second option only after , evil and greed.
I my self must say this ” If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world, and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day” but I choose former over the latter

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