The heat you feel is generated by disloyalty
It starts like an ordinary idea but then a thought is born
The action that follows is always a minor one, but then the deed is done
The little things they say always grow up

Wanderers often loose sight of the important things
They constantly search for the nonexistent dream but avoid the vision before them
Reality waits for no-one, as the hands of the clock are in perpetual motion
The bells on the tower are both loud and visible for all to see “they are pregnant with sound”

Let’s decipher this puzzle, or rather this cubic maze we find ourselves in
Life is simple, but we make it complex with our superiority and intellect
Constantly we Misunderstand the basic needs of our better halves neglecting them
This is a poison that Slowly induces pain into the system Leading to an eventual fallout

It always starts as a love song but then again all movies start wit a song
But as the curtains call, the acts are over and the drama quickly becomes reality
Shame on us all for believing in the fantasies of “happily ever after”
The interferences from a solemn past and the gearing of not so long ago come alive

Solitude is never the best way because change is inevitable and takes the side of the fighter
We need to identify the root causes and uproot this weeds before crash into mirrors ahead
Our lands may lay fallow but it would be for a time, for the seeds planted must leave the soil
For the morning takes away our tears and replaces them with smiles and joy
This about this “If our early lessons of acceptance were as successful as our early lessons of anger, how much happier we would all be?”

One thought on “Raisin

  1. You read my mind but in a much more beautiful way. Thank you for taking out the time to explain this and I hope when people read it they understand and apply it

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