EBA ( Part1)

Self interest is something that man takes for granted when reaching out for help I have come to realize that almost everything can be gotten when we see that people would open up to you when you open up yourself to them . Some conversations end even before the begin while others start even before […]

Soured Rhapsody

“Look now how mortals are blaming the gods, for they say that evils come from us, but in fact they themselves have woes beyond their share because of their own follies-Homer” There is a greater place for glory than in the presence of mediocrity. Assumption being the only form of understanding is being distributed leaving […]

The Best We Never Had

@SaNgJiE: I knew you were not him from the beginning… @oddymacfoy: An Idea of A-You could have been a new beginning @SaNgJiE: For you or for me? You see, I was stuck in yesterday…still in love with what could have been…I didn’t need a new beginning but Regardless, I felt a need for you @oddymacfoy: […]

Twinkle My Little Star

Dear Lady, The melody “stuck on stupid for you” keeps ringing in my subconscious leaving me in a state of constant wonder I believe it was Einstein that said the “the difference between brilliance and stupidity is that the former has a limit” Time once again has failed in evaporating the feelings drenched deep in […]