After Yesterday Comes Tomorrow (Skit)

Back when we blossomed, we lit up the night sky with the music of our tender hearts ; This was a time in history when worries were classified as impossible Growing up in the 90’s was for me a joyous privilege, for in that decade the days were ever bright, and were filled with familiar […]

Point Blank

“Only the madman is absolutely sure~Robert Anton WilsonIt” It is never easy to make the right choices; for everything right tastes bitter. Going back to the days of radical living And never thinking, but acting like The world belongs to me . Always Wondering off into the night not searching for light but eager to […]

Twinkle My Little Star

Dear Lady, The melody “stuck on stupid for you” keeps ringing in my subconscious leaving me in a state of constant wonder I believe it was Einstein that said the “the difference between brilliance and stupidity is that the former has a limit” Time once again has failed in evaporating the feelings drenched deep in […]