Incredulity In Self

In a matter of moments I would appear to be exactly different from who I used to be.

A man who is known to understand is now crowed with indiscretion.

A timeless attitude towards urgency a looseness directed towards a punctuation of periods breaking a cycle of wisdom now leading to a degeneration of personal sanctity .

Misunderstood by my deeper perception of what truly matters in the world around me , I fail Without remorse,I carryover my observations without a pivot , no effort to assist my load.

I am the definition of matter and at this point, having definite weight but looking for a space to occupy this is my irony.

To discontinue acceleration , deceleration falling behind on that which gives me an occupation ; the ability to write, to put out my thoughts, laying empty this barrenness ,this opportunity to purge,to lay waste and empty this void.

The scent in the air, my pungent smell, not so accommodating; but dominating every known odor to man; I engage in gorilla warfare with my only weapon ,my blood for as it rushes through my brain it fuels me with the necessary oxygen to oxidize my intentions and help articulate my plot.

This ploy of mine, my drama ,an interesting arena to rumble for the cast is set in stone giving it the even strength to sum up the odds.

I am one being living in a world of many, a spec of sand in this clock of time. The zones which I find myself must now be overtaken in order for a lasting block to be established .

“Do not speak of your happiness to one less fortunate than yourself-Plutarch
A statement I have come to cherish , I realize that men who fail to dream search for the opportunity to steal a dream.

Art is man’s constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him-CHINUA ACHEBE, this great man is dead he died yesterday the 22nd of march 2013, it’s amazing because his death will bring back to life his legacy.

I appreciate the gifts offered to man by God and I apologize for not being the most diligent but as we have come to know “God qualifies the chosen he never chooses the qualified “

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