I Sin Twenty Times

A man with Quintessential attributes is man society dictates as being dramatic, for such a man hate is the accepted emotion expressed whenever he is to be received. “They” tear at him, doing their utmost best to peel him layer by layer to prove him a fraud. Waking up to a world where this man […]

A Parallel Endeavor

Meddling with the instruments of destruction A callous act accepted Becomes a foolish thing No man plays around with a noose tied around his neck Nor does he chorus his glorious strength while bound by a knot Adulterate the melody and dilute the Rythem This attempt to contaminate the distinction between kin and foe Men […]

Incredulity In Self

In a matter of moments I would appear to be exactly different from who I used to be. A man who is known to understand is now crowed with indiscretion. A timeless attitude towards urgency a looseness directed towards a punctuation of periods breaking a cycle of wisdom now leading to a degeneration of personal […]