The Redeemed

Resurrect from within the dreams I had as an infant l, in that time I saw the world only in colors and through my mother eyes. I felt not hate nor did I see grief all I had was warmth and love. Oh what a dreadful world we find ourselves in with man dreading his […]


Its moments such as this that we start to realize how alone we really are in this world.we begin to realize that imagination is the only friend we have in times of need and abandonment. the way all this works marvels and bewilders me, for only moments ago we were all   colleagues but as soon as the stop […]

Maestro the13th hour

“Is there no more honour amongst thieves”? Towards the light for now the darkness suffers from its own evil. Abandonment of abominations the wicked grows in anger for its misunderstanding; ‘’of whom shall have next’’. An ideal motion should be passed as to the limit of mischief that can go unnoticed by higher authority. Never […]